New QuikRead go Instrument software version 8.1.1 has been released for QuikRead go®. Main new features include: Possibility to start usi...

14. května 2020
Novinky, Novinky o produktech

S potěšením Vám oznamujeme, že naše portfolio produktů na přístroji QuikRead go se rozšiřuje o test HbA1c. QuikRead go HbA1c s certifikací I...

13. května 2020
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HbA1c je nyní dostupný na oblíbeném systému QuikRead go®

Professor Mark Ebell has kindly given us an interview highlighting the importance of primary care in controlling antimicrobial resistance. ...

22. dubna 2020
Novinky, AMR
An important first checkpoint of controlling antimicrobial resistance is in primary care – Interview with Prof. Mark Ebell

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an important threat to global health1. AMR should not be overlooked despite understandable focus on the on...

17. dubna 2020
Novinky, AMR
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has a role in COVID-19

A significant increase of C-reactive protein (CRP) has been reported with concentrations on average 30-50 mg/L1,2,3 from patients with COVID...

15. dubna 2020

Stay tuned! We would like to share exciting updates of ongoing research using QuikRead go in various studies in different parts of the world...

3. března 2020
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QuikRead go CRP used in a study aiming to reduce unnecessary antibiotics in primary care settings

The blue coloured CRP controls offer you: Three CRP levels to choose fromOne range and target in the labellingDirect and easy sampling with...

28. února 2020
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Coronavirus infection, which was officially named as COVID-19 by World Health Organization has caused a substantial influx of patients at th...

25. února 2020
CRP is part of the COVID-19 management triage in Chinese fever clinics